Prepping Academy: How prepper fiction can play a role in convincing folks to get involved politically and start prepping.

Had a great time on the Prepping Academy Podcast talking about Shelby Gallagher‘s new book, #AGreatState, and the origins of my series #299Days and future projects…

Thanks Forrest Garvin and Tenderfoot for having me on. Great Questions!

My best to the Carolina Prepper Network!

Patriot of the week (June 20, 2013)

2013_06_14 13_21_36-1

This brother took this picture at work-see, there are plenty of Patriots inside sensitive government positions. (This of course, is bad news for the Loyalists. Good.) He taped over the lot numbers on the ammo cans so you couldn’t figure out where he was. Thank you “Mr. Ammo” for the picture. You, sir, are the Patriot of the week.