A Great State

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A new addition to the 299 Days Universe…

A Great State
By Shelby Gallagher

A Great State tells the story of Julie, a woman living deep inside the Left Coast. A divorced mother with a teenage boy, Julie Atwood realizes the government-dependent community where she lives will soon collapse. To save her family, Julie must confront the trauma in her past, and develop the skills necessary to survive the coming disaster.

Ripped from the headlines, with startlingly accurate predictions so far, author Shelby Gallagher takes the reader on a journey of healing, preparation and survival.

Julie must prepare, both physically and logistically for the collapse she can see is building all around her. Along the way, Julie will face the ultimate question: How far will she go to protect and provide for her child?

Shelby Gallagher is a pseudonym. Shelby resides in the Pacific Northwest and writes from her first-hand experience working in and around state capitols and has observed why a collapse is coming and how it may unfold. She is a parent and active prepper.

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